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How to come to Canada

Below you will find general information on the different programs offered in Canada.


The key to successful immigration is to have at least an intermediate-advanced level of French or English (B2). Without one of Canada's two official languages, the chances of success for your project are low.


However, it takes 1 to 3 years to obtain permanent residence if you go through one or other of these procedures.


Today, the only real solution to come to Canada more quickly is to return to school or find an employer.

I recommend that you do a comparative study of your diplomas and study the job market in Quebec or Canada, depending on your preferences, before making a decision.


If you subsequently need help with your work/study permit or any immigration-related process, I can help you.

I offer a videoconference advice pack for $250 CAD, which allows you to ask me questions for 50 minutes. Within 72 hours, you will receive a report of our conversation by email. During this meeting, I will advise you on the best path to follow depending on your personal situation.

To make an appointment, please complete the contact form on my website.


The fact that you use my services does not guarantee the agent's positive decision. On the other hand, I do everything I can to meet the requirements and expectations of the Ministry so that your request is processed in the best conditions.


To receive updates on programs, I recommend that you follow me on Facebook: VF Immigration

Quebec economic programs

Immigrating to Quebec is not easy, especially today. You will find information on the regular skilled worker program (PRTQ) on the following link: -qualified/invitations/score.html


To hope to receive an invitation, you must obtain at least 604 points and/or have a permanent job offer validated with a Quebec employer. 

You must also demonstrate a B2 level in oral French (speaking and understanding).

Online self-assessment:


With the new selection grid, candidates who wish to settle in the regions, and who work in information technology or those who respond to a labor shortage will have a greater chance of receiving an invitation. Knowledge of French is also an important asset.


Processing times are from 9 to 15 months.


Please note that the processing times for applications for permanent residents in economic programs (entrepreneurs, investors and self-employed workers) are even longer: 4 years. To date, only the Francophone self-employed worker program is still open.

If you really want to come to Quebec, follow these tips. 


Check first if you get the necessary points to be able to apply: //


Also check what steps you must take to be able to practice your profession in Quebec:

For the comparative evaluation of your diplomas in Quebec, you must follow the instructions on the following link:

Attention, it is not because you obtain the points to pass the selection thresholds that you will necessarily be selected.  Only candidates who will respond to a labor shortage in training details will be invited.


In addition, it is imperative to pass the French exam to demonstrate your level of knowledge and obtain points for the selection.

Express Entry

At the Federal level, if you wish to apply for permanent residence outside Quebec, you can check if you pass the selection threshold on the following page:


You will need to accumulate a minimum of 67 points if you want to qualify for the Skilled Worker Express Entry program:

Under Express Entry, you must have a minimum of 475 points to hope to see your application be selected.

Each province also offers specific programs, but in general, you must have at least 6 months of work experience in Canada in the chosen province to be able to submit an application for permanent residence as a provincial nominee.

Study permit

For French citizens, there are agreements between France and Quebec for certain study programs in Quebec which allow you to pay the same rate as a Quebec student. 

As of September 2023, Quebec will offer tuition relief for certain study programs offered outside of Greater Montreal, which will allow you to pay the same rate as a Quebec student:


The important thing is to find a program of at least 900 hours that will allow you to extend your stay in Quebec afterwards:

In any case, whether you opt for a study program in Quebec or outside Quebec, you must also have at least one year of work experience in an occupation TEER 0,1,2,3 before you can launch an application. of permanent residence.


I do not provide advice on finding an institution or obtaining an admission letter.


However, you can search on the following study program links:


University studies:

My return to Cegep:

CEGEP Quebec:


International Education:

Quebec Jobs of the future:


You can perfectly register in a school, without going through an organization.

In this case, the spouse can apply for an open work permit.

Working license

In terms of employment, here are the jobs in demand in Quebec and eligible for simplified processing:

I recommend applying on the following sites to find an employer:


A bright future in Quebec:

Employment Quebec:  or

Pole-emploi France:

French Chamber of Commerce in Canada:

Job Illico:

Quebec Days:

Health Quebec recruitment:


Québec en Tête:

Destination Canada:





I also advise you to look for work outside Quebec, because the search for a French-speaking worker offers you the possibility of easier access to a work permit:

To do this, you must look for a job on the Guichet emploi website: 

Please note that the spouse and children will be able to apply for an open work permit, if and only if the main applicant works in a high-paying position: -refugees-citizenship/organization/guide-publications/operational-guide-bulletins/temporary-residents/foreign-workers/politics-public-competitiveness-economy/c41-c46.html?fbclid=IwAR3PFOdaJ-tc-iqbyLFlYKXrOo7hKo8eaLtq3G5GFdYY8OrWk4wGS3Abbew#admissibility

For your information, I do not offer a job search service.

You should contact headhunters or international recruiters on LinkedIn.

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